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Force Fuel Conditioner the Way of Racing Future?

Will Eco-friendly Fuel/Engine Conditioner be the Way of Racing Future?

Miami, FL – April 15, 2009 [Permalink] – What would you do if you were a concert pianist and a terrible accident left you unable to play the piano? Why, develop a fuel and engine conditioner that increases gas mileage by up to 20%, reduces emissions by up to 30% while reducing engine damage, of course! At least that is what Miguel Gallimore, Co-founder and President of “For Earth” did.

I spoke with Mr. Gallimore recently to learn what “Force For Earth” is, how it was developed, how it works and who can benefit from using it.

“I sort of fell into it out of my own needs. Growing up as a youngster my Granddaddy once said to me if I could find something I love to do that I would do anyway, and figure out how to get paid to do it I’d have a shot at being relatively happy. A few years ago I had an accident, chopped a couple of fingers off. They were reattached but they don’t work too well. That ended my career as a concert pianist, but, to make a long story short I found out about an ester based product and was intrigued. The first time I spoke to anybody about it they said ‘ya know there’s no such thing, none of these things work, they’re all additives, it’s impossible, there’s no such thing as a mechanic in a can, etc, etc.’ That just seemed to always be the first response.”

“With the first ester based product I was involved in I put some in our minivan and my wife drove to Ft. Myers and said the car felt lighter. The bottom line was we did experience improved fuel economy and the car just felt freer and easier (to handle). It really seemed to work. So, that’s how I got involved in the precursor to this product and we marketed that product for a couple of years. People of Miami Beach began to use the product, not only the employees, but in police cars, and garbage trucks, etc. with good results both in terms of fuel economy and emissions. So here at ‘For Earth’ we wanted to take it to the next level so we tracked down a scientist by the name of Dr. Lee Polite. He has done work for all the major petroleum companies in the US, for government labs and environmental companies. We sent him our product and asked him if he could make this better. We believe that he has.”

“The way the product, ‘Force’, works is not magic. It’s simply cleaning and lubricating. Every time we burn a drop of fuel (driving our cars) we create carbon and smog carbon emissions. So every gallon we burn puts carbon with heavy metals in to the air that we breathe in. If we could eliminate that carbon and better lubricate our engines there would be less resistance and therefore less force needed so we would burn less fuel.”

“Have you ever been behind a school bus? That’s what our kids are breathing. What if we could reduce those emissions by let’s say 30%, wouldn’t that be huge? Well we can do that. We can document that. Ester technology has been around for years and ‘Force’ has been available since January of this year.

“We heard about a young driver Al Unser, III and contacted him to set up a meeting to discuss our product. His father came to the meeting, as well. We started talking about the product and what it does and he flat out said, ‘I don’t believe it. If this stuff actually does what you say then I want to sell it. So, he told us to send a case to his mom’s house, to his house and to his dad’s house. So that’s Al Unser I, II and III and we sent a case to each one and he said he would get back to me if it works. A week or 2 went by and one night I got a call from Al Unser, Jr and All Unser, III. They were driving from Henderson, Nevada to Albuquerque, NM where their family racing museum is and they were excited.

They said they were pulling an 11,000 pound trailer and getting better gas mileage.”

“Al helped us get to know a few people and a gentleman who is in charge of building engines for the entire Firestone Indy Lights Series. He tried the product in his F150 and got between ! and 2 miles difference. Then we put it in a race car in Homesteand last March. We didn’t see that much in fuel economy but the car got quicker the first lap. There was less damage in the gear box and just a bunch of little things…the product always works on some level. That’s where the phrase ‘you can’t over lubricate’ came from.

” Al Unser, Jr has now been named the official spokesperson for ‘Force”. That’s a very impressive endorsement.

On April 4th, 2009 in St. Petersburg, Florida every car in the developmental Firestone Indy Lights Series was using “Force”. This series is making great strides in not only looking to save money, but to improving the environment.

It certainly seems like they are on the cutting edge of technology with a commitment for improving the environment. Could eco-friendly “Force For Earth” be the way of racing’s future? Time will tell.

Two-time Indy 500 winner, Al Unser, Jr was recently quoted as saying, “You don’t need to be a professional race car driver to benefit from “Force For Earth”. I think every automobile in the world should use the product since it significantly reduces emissions as well as the carbon footprint. Using “Force For Earth” will help generations to come enjoy a better planet.”

“Force For Earth” is for use in ANY combustible engine whether it be your car, truck, motorcycle and even racing engines. Not only does it reduce emissions, but it actually lessens the usual wear on the engine.

With the economy like it is, and the impact it has had on NASCAR race teams and many of the people who have worked in this industry for many years, perhaps it is time for the “powers that be” to look at this product and work towards allowing teams to test this product. Additionally ARCA has many independent teams who don’t have access to huge sponsor dollars. They could certainly benefit from anything that saves money, as well.

We all can benefit from putting a few less dollars in the gas tank, perhaps less money spent on engine repairs and certainly from cleaner air to breathe. We can’t begin to rebound from this recession or the damage we have done to our planet soon enough. It appears to be a win/win situation and a seemingly good way to help much of what is ailing us presently.

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